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Pediatric Stress Screening: Get Your Pediatric Consult, Sensory Stress Scans, and Customized Plan For Only $50 (For Children Only)

Radiant Life Omaha wants to give you the hope you've been looking with this deal for your pediatric stress screening.

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Get Your Pediatric Consult, Sensory Stress Scans, and Customized Plan For Only $50

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About Radiant Life Omaha

With a massive rise in ADHD, autism, sensory issues, seizures, etc, Radiant Life is constantly learning everything possible and integrates with as many professionals in this field of study to fully understand what potential your child has. We have found that amazing changes are possible and happen often! When we focus on empowering the body to function correctly it heals, grows, develops, and excels past the limits other doctors and mainstream thinking have put on it.

Radiant Life is dedicated to delivering exactly what these challenging cases need. Everything from neurologically based chiropractic care, nutritional referrals, behavioral referrals, to sensorimotor reintegration referrals. We are here to guide your family through complete healing and into the life they deserve.